Missing algorithms

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List of missing algorithms (drafted at Kickoff Meeting, 11/17/14):

  • Slice by implicit surface
  • Gradient
  • Calculator
  • Isosurface [LANL]
  • Threshold
  • Streamlines (Flow) (UO plans to start on this soon, as of 2/2015)
  • External Faces (UO is getting started on this, as of 2/2015)
  • Surface Rendering (UO interested in this / has an investment)
  • Volume Rendering (UO interested in this / has an investment)
  • Resample (place field from one mesh onto points of another)
    • Specialized version: resample field from any type of grid to rectilinear grid
  • Tetrahedralization
  • Vertex Normals
  • Cell-data-to-point, point-data-to-cell-data [LANL]

A little further out, but still important:

  • Clip
  • Isovolume
  • ExtractVOI / IndexSelect
  • Glyphs, Tubes (should this all be done as part of rendering???)
  • Transforms
  • Feature Edges
  • Statistics (summation/integration, min, max, histogram, mean, stddev) [LANL]